Lessons: What To Expect

Lessons Overview

Private, individual lessons are offered in 50-minute or 30-minute sessions. During lessons, the instructor will observe and analyze your posture, movement and breathing as you perform everyday activities, such as sitting, standing, walking, lifting, etc. She will then guide you into easier ways of achieving the same ends through a combination of subtle hands-on guidance and verbal instruction. The instructor’s extensive training and experience allow her to recognize — visually and kinesthetically — directions of muscle pulls interfering with your balance and restricting your movement.

A portion of the lesson will be dedicated to table work, or lying-down work, during which you’ll lie on a hard surface. The instructor will encourage lengthening of the spine and widening of the torso by quieting the nervous system and helping to move your arms, legs and head in directions encouraging freedom in the joints and lengthening of the muscles.

Lying-down work allows you to develop an awareness of your habits and allow for their release without the added demands required of more complex activities. You’ll be able to make observations about your muscular-skeletal system in a relaxed, natural position in order to learn new patterns of movement.

What to Wear

Loose and comfortable clothing should be worn; long, non-restrictive pants and shirts are best.

How Many Lessons Are Required

A course of lessons may be brief or cover a longer period of time depending upon the specific needs and goals of the individual. Approximately 30 lessons are suggested to fully integrate the technique into daily life.

Cost of Lessons

50-minute sessions are $75 and 30-minute sessions are $40. If more than one session a week is advisable, the second lesson in a week is discounted.

Introductory Group Session

An introductory group session is available for a maximum of three participants. Introductory sessions are 1 1/2 hours and cover the fundamental principles of the technique along with hands-on experience for each of the participants. Cost is $120.